For information about boarding please call 423-653-2240.


Heatherfield is a wonderful place to board your horse. The facilities offer 28 stalls spread over 2 barns. There are 3 main pasture areas with several smaller paddock areas for private or semi-private turn out. (Special turn out accommodations include additional fees.) The farm also has 2 riding rings with all weather footing. Both rings are arranged for flat work and jumping. There is also ample pasture area to trail ride and relax with your horse.

Additionally, there is a hot and cold wash rack to bath your horse in comfort. Each barn has cross ties for tacking up and the boarder's tack room is secured when not in use.

Monthly Board Includes:
* Morning feeding in stall
* Evening feeding in stall
* Daily turn out (weather permitting)
* Horses are fed high quality feed and grass hay. Owners may request special feed and alfalfa hay for an additional fee. Owner will provide any additional supplements their horse needs. All horses are on a standard deworming and vaccination schedule; at owner's expense.

Additional fees may include but are not limited to:
* Holding fee for vet or farrier
* Private turnout
* Special care for horse due to injury or illness
* Extra blanket changes